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In stead of cutting cords,
lets bow for connection

In stead of shielding,
lets wonder where the fear of being vulnerable to unwanted guest comes from

In stead of seperating ourselves,
lets realize there is no difference between you and me

In stead of taking in clients,
lets invite parts of ourselves we are blind for - shown by other souls

In stead of looking for quick solutions,
lets search for ways of learning our lessons

In stead of feeling different,
lets find common ground underneed the upper layers

In stead of resting in duality,
lets invite all to become one

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Every person has unique gifts
stored inside - that sometimes need a little push to come out.

Sometimes challenges will do this,
sometimes experiences make sure of that,
and sometimes the right guidance will activate them.

When you can see your gifts clearly, you will see that those gifts
give you the power
and the opportunity to accomplish great things.

Marissa Klouwer

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