Other Online Activation 4 JULY



Welcome, dear one!!!

Ready to rise!? 4 July the next groups activation is waiting for you.

Independence Day! Let’s free the soul and release all self-restrictions.

After investment, you just have to add the account (IG @MKsessions_activation)
and all will be fine!

For preparation, you can check out the account IG @live_stream_healing or find the instruction at @Mksessions_activation
for more information about what to do after the session
At @Marissaklouwer you can see what others experienced: over the 300 testimonials are found over there.

Enjoy! See you soon!


Change the game, dear one.
And play with the change.
Only your steps into the wild will ground the unborn outcomes.
Don’t hold back now; you won’t be able to compare any of it with anything.
So why wait for confirmation? You are here to bring forth the new.


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