Blog 4 tips to broaden our mindful view and so our life’s potentials.

april 6, 2020by Marissa Klouwer0

It’s not the sky that is the limit. We are our own limit. Ha. So let’s work with us!

4 tips to broaden our mindful view and so our life’s potentials.

1: what we feel is what we get.
Not the other way around. Change the feelings – change the life. Simple right? No. If it was simple- everyone would be a reality shifter. We reject uncomfortable feelings automatically- and that’s super logical. Who likes discomfort? To bad the Universe doesn’t care about our likes? So find a coach or healer who handles resistance and brings you in the deep and dirty feelings anyway. What we resist- persist. If you want a shift- start with shifting repressed emotions.

2: our limitations are not others limitations.
Always remember: my thoughts about limitations are connected to my past experiences: nothing to do with the future. Or with the now. Or with reality. Or with others. The size of our minds capabilities to absorb knowledge might differ from time to time. As we grow as a soul: more brainparts get activated. If you don’t get it now: you will get it later. Keep on growing, remember limitations are mind matters and not fixed reality.

3: talking about fixations: fixed believes are there to be torn apart.
Sorry. No matter how hard we try to keep them together: life will never stop upgrading itself and show you how dynamic it is. Pretty smart. If you become attached to people, ideas or objects- for sure it will break down one day. Not to hurt you, but to make sure you connect to the one thing you are here for: yourself. Keep being focussed on yourself and let all other things flow along. See how things become smooth the moment you let go.

4: The Universal intelligence never sleeps: even when you are out of inspiration – inspiration is always there.
Go beyond your brainy blockages: allow the information to enter you at different entrances. You remember that energy transfers without delibate effort, right? And that information is stored in the energy? Surround yourself with high vibe company when you want to go out of your mind. Creative solutions to personal dillema’s will automatically pop up in your brain: higher vibrations allow lower vibrations to rise up automatically.


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