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maart 31, 2020by Marissa Klouwer0

Ever experienced this?

You wanted something so badly – but it ran away from you? You still don’t understand why because you did nothing wrong?

Or better one:

You had a goal and you tried as hard as you could, you did every possible program, you ran into every action that led you to more results and you didn’t stop pushing and you got yourself freaking tired until the moment you crashed and thought:

Fuck all of it.

I don’t care anymore.

I let it go.

And boom.

That thing you worked so hard for and didn’t get a hold on – appeared out of nowhere.

In the most unimaginable easy way.

Weird right?

No not at all.


What happens when we force things – push things – control things – die-hard hope for things and stop dancing with life by allowing suprises to appear: we sent out piercing energies that look like a tie. A tie that is addressing the thing you desire: you try to catch it. But the thing with creating a tie is that you create a tie in between your wish and your self.

With funny results.

First of all: the wish you tied cannot breath.
The wish stops liking you because it needs air.
It will make sure it stays out of your environment.

And second: It’s hard to make it a part of your self as you create something in between.
The tie indicates that the wish is something out of yourself.
Far away.

The moment you let go of the tie – you don’t care anymore -This is the moment it can enter your reality. Because there is nothing in between you and the wish anymore: the tie is gone. The wish feels welcome. And your wish can become a part of you instead of something you need to call in from something far way from you.


So simple.

So Why is not everybody doing this?

Because. Hello people. We are the control freak species club.

In need of trust again.

Ready to let allow this to happen?

Doing less and receiving more:
Success by Surrendering.


Live sessions from NYC!

Last  Saturday we did an healing the (sub)conscious control freak in order to make things truly happen! Bye control: hello freedom. Hello manifestation marathon!

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