You are my mirror - and I am yours <3

Marissa is a young and dynamic Amsterdam-based practical spiritual pioneer and energetic healer. She has been immersed in allround human studies and has been following this passion all throughout her life of how to bring the awareness of energetic and emotional importance into a modern-day audience. She uses her spiritual gifts to help people move forward with their health and career and uses her spiritual faculties to help overcome blockages and shares insights. Currently working as a full-time healer, she helps out creatives, leaders and innovaters to bring stress down and make the mind clear. But also young, dynamic people who are happy to grow as a soul or feel stuck with emotional pain, feel low in energy, deal with burn-out, anxiety, fears, trauma, obsessions or any kind of problem that prevents the person from stepping into their own super powers.. By sharing her gifts of esoteric knowledge and transferring energy, she facilitates the restoring of the natural balance between productivity & clearity, clearing old patterns & resolving trauma’s and opening of doorways to our innate talents by removing blocking, restricting, limiting & stuck believes and emotions. 


How does she work?

She highly believes in personal attention: we all are unique and have a different story. Our story is what makes us unique. And this story is energetically stored inside our bodies. By using her gifts of being able to see, read, hear and feel energy, it’s easy for her to get acces to the root cause of the issue at stake – and from there, she raises up the disharmonized frequencies that most often are the cause the problem – by facing & shining light upon the pain. As we have a unique ego – but a collective mind – it’s possible for the client to relax down  – let Marissa guide the  work required-  and completely change perspective from within – while believes, memories, ideas, new insight might light and rise up.  
She has a background in psychology & anthropology, Personal training, Coaching, Pranic Healing, Inner Child Work,  CIM &  Dance, but she always combines all in a unique way, works with the emotional bodies , uses high vibrational joy, communicates with and follows internal guidance & intuitively does  what is most appropriate. Sometimes this surprises her as much as it surprises the client. But until now, it seems to work super miraculous & efficiently.