You are my mirror - and I am yours <3

Who is Marissa

”When we don’t have to prentend to be anything – we create space for being everything!”


How does she work?

FAQ: how does she work?

She highly believes in personal attention: we all are unique and have a different story. Actually, our story is what makes us unique. And this story is energetically stored inside our bodies. Sometimes we experience happy chapters – when all is clear- sometimes super hurtful ones. By using her gifts of being able to see, read, hear and feel energy, it’s easy for her to get access to the root cause of the issue of the hurtful chapter at stake – and from there, she raises up the disharmonized frequencies. Just by pure love. So we can end that chapter instead of repeating it over and over. Why does it end? Because when the vibrations rise, things get clear and the gift of the situation comes to the front: when we are clouded by thoughts and patterns it’s hard to find a way out. When we consciously understand the message of (emotional, mental or physical) pain, there is no reason for pain to stay. No pain exist without a wisdom waiting to be found. But no wisdom to gain without love. Light. And power.