Programs Become Visible – 1th of July

Unclear about the direction your life is going in? You feel there is something missing? Or you found a way to contribute, but no idea how to get it out there? Your services are cool but money is not flowing?
Become Visible PROGRAM is here to remind you of your souls missions, realign this with the ground work and to open up your eyes for your gifts! Not only you will become visible for yourself - you will get the right guidance on how to align this with your audience!
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In this 6 weeks journey we work with each other on the most deep levels. We take time to explore the physical, mental, emotional & spiritual aspects. And with that – integrate all of this in a way – you can embody your business as a part of yourself. If you hide yourself – your business will be invisible too. If you fully thrive – your business will thrive even more!


What will you get out of this


1: Financial stress will be a past issue: you now finally get it how to keep this money flow going. Not by working harder – but by working smarter. You gained insights about how this works on the spiritual level and now you can implement this on the ground.


2: You don’t feel any inhibition anymore concerning sharing your message. You feel strong & self-confident about the reasons why this information came down to you  – and how you are a player in a bigger game.


3: You have no idea how you could have tired yourself so much before. When you are tuned in to your soul gifts and act on your higher intuitions: energy is just flowing. You understand why you needed to integrate all the others aspects as much as the business understanding in order to sustain a higher energy level. You feel satisfied & Inspired: the two things you were looking for.


Edition 4.
Start: 22th of June
Join us:



10 spots
6 weekly meetings + online community access
€1111,- ex. btw
July 1th

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