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Healing the Yang Force

Yang energy is the dynamic energy: our masculine forces. Masculine doesn’t indicate gender here: it’s meant to make clear the one half of the polarised energies yin & yang. The yang, that act bold and guides us to take responsibility for our life. When the yang forces are weak, it’s hard to live a life you really love. Because when You don’t have the energy to manifest all the loving things in your life, or protect the things you care about: who is gonna do it for you?

We need the experience of Power to be able to realise a dream life.

When we believe it – we can achieve it!  And when we can achieve it: we can master it!

Let’s move things forward! Are you ready!?


This is a unique program followed up by energetic healing that helps you experience a sense of yang or acceptance of your masculine power. Masculinity can indicate gender: but here it’s fully focussed on the on the emotional aspect and the spiritual aspect, the yang energies. The ones that allow action & manifestations.  


Deze 10-daagse zet echt een hoop in beweging. Ik ben er echt verbaasd over hoeveel inzichten er boven komen drijven. Ik vind het magisch hoe je deze zaken zo omschrijft dat alles zo direct binnen komt. Niet alleen in mijn hoofd maar in een ander weten.”


Ik wil nog even kwijt dat ik je nog steeds zo dankbaar ben voor mijn programma’s met jou. Er is zoveel gebeurd sindsdien. Ik voel zoveel energie stromen en het voelt als een sneeuwbaleffect dat niet meer stopt. Ik kom je snel weer opzoeken bij een online sessie. Dankjewel.”



 Dank je wel. Het was een enerverende en ontzettend leerzame week met een prachtige afronding. Wat een boost!!’


Who might be interested in this course?

– if you cannot remember a time where you felt being able to rock your goals: it’s something far away for you and you feel insecure about your capabilities. You doubt your own capabilities and this is why sometimes you back off. Instead of trying it anyway: you hide away.  Simply because you have to fear of not being able to handle it.

– if you find yourself procrastinating everything you would love to do. 

– if it seems a hard thing to move forward: you feel stuck and feel tired.

– if it is hard for you to feel grounded in your sexuality.

– Joy seems to be a thing far away: life is pretty serious for you and rules are the boss. You are a super perfectionist: making mistakes is not allowed. 

– if you feel unable to let go of control: you want to hold on to everything and try to manipulate outcomes to avoid the feeling of failure.

– if relating to others seems something you need to practice more: you experience difficulties in allowing people to enter your life and experience warm and loving relationships: in a way, you don’t understand why people do not stay with you. 

– if you experience a connection between weakness and power: you rather sit back and watch.


You are active & living your life, but you miss something. It is time to go beyond: we need your heart in there! When the heart is very much alive, it’s time to move from there. Combine your wishes & your actions!  It is time to act on your higher inspirations!!!  And for this we need to realign your yang force with love and guard it deeply: we need to break away from destructive patterns and dig deeper into the qualities of Discipline, Focus and Dedication.

It’s time to Act: Thinking time is over.



This is a ten day Course.  Everyday you will receive an assignment – exericse and something to integrate.

I fully recommend you to not rush into anything: and to gently follow the program in a way it feels comfortable for you. Use the exercises in a way it makes you feel comfortable: never force yourself.  If you need more time: take that. 10 days is just a recommendation: not a strict rule. What is more important: strongly focus on the enjoyment of the activity! If it makes you feel good: it is good! Celebrate the feelings that arise. If something is not fitting your needs: just stop doing it. You are responsible for your physical body, so making sure this one is happy to do all of this, is priority number 1.

Be aware that his Program will guide you to more embodiment of your yang energies: it’s not intended to replace any personal effort or dismiss the yin side of ourselves. You are the one who is on adventure: so you are fully in charge of how this adventures will go! It’s all open and all is welcome: This Program is there to help you to become aware and to initiate new habits that of allowing yourself to Be and to check in regularly what is going on inside. It will balance the two different sides of us by bringing more focus on the thing we currently want to increase. Also: it might open new ways of thinking, bring new awareness & helps you to understand certain patterns. When we understand – we can break free! And from a free point: we can decide what we feel like most peacefully. So remember: no force. Allow it to happen as it is supposed to happen. 

Also note that this program is not appropriate to target personal trauma’s that need more attention on a personal level. In this case: it’s highly recommended to look for one on one sessions and seek help from other professionals. It’s important to not use this program as a substitute for common sense and your own guidance and intuition:  but as an valuable added gift to your own ideas. It might trigger old feelings connected to that of emotional pain or repressions: this is ok. Allow it to rise up. Allow it to find a way out. Feeling is healing. But never cross your boundaries.

Be aware of the process and give yourself the comfort and release you need. Again: It’s highly recommended to take your time – and to not force yourself into anything. It’s a 10 day program – but if can take breaks anytime you like. The session at the end of the 10 day program is one that of fully embodying  all the new insights & understandings. It brings a sense of peace and allows you to fully embrace and BE all you now are able to allow! It gives the opportunity to rise up in a way your divine essence can penetrate your daily life. And by this: rule your actions in a way the divine inspiration can manifest itself in your relationship, business, physical body and in your experiences of joy.

Here we go – dear one!  Let’s celebrate the fullness of life!

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