Retreats Royal Rising Retreat – intensive transformation program


2,222.00 1,890.00


Ignite the queen
find the key for the kingdom inside
& restore that power house!


Castle intensive.


Prepare for
– 5 full day transformational program & activities
– permanent inner power activations
– mystical experiences + spiritual openings
– sessions at worlds top 10  beaches
– abundance of food, connection, comfort and care
– deepening of trust & opening of heart
– radical truth alignment
– self worth restatement
– challenging hikes & wild nature
– deep connections & confrontations
– all-level shifts &
– powerful guidance & workouts

1: ignite the inner queen
2: invoke the inner king
3: integrate the powerhouse

Start: 26 December at airport Athens (13.00)
or 10.00 at city center
Finish: 30 December  at airport Athens (14.00)

– Transport to/from the Castle to Athens
– privat room
– all meals provided
– 1 on 1 session
– personal guidance
– intensive transformational program
– hikes
– magical session at worlds top 10 beaches

Limited spots:
experience with energy work & fit physical body is a requirement.



I joined the Royal Hearts retreat in Greece and it was simply amazing. I wasn’t sure whether I should go, but I felt this pull telling me to go.
I’m so glad I did! I feel great, I feel whole and I feel so incredibly happy. Marissa made us all feel welcome and took great care of us, no request is too big and you can feel she really cares for everyone from the bottom of her heart. I enjoyed the different workshops, the good company, the food, the hotel, everything. The most powerful aspect of the retreat were the healing sessions, in the group as well as individual. I got home with a newfound belief in the Universe and in myself, I left behind quite a few old blocks and patterns. I feel lighter and am able to take (big) decisions with ease, which benefits my overall well-being as well as my business. Should you be in doubt whether a retreat is something for you: go with your gut. You’ll feel it when it’s right for you and you can trust that you’ll be taken great care of with Marissa.


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