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maart 31, 2020by Marissa Klouwer0

The Universe doesn’t owe us anything- darling.
It all comes down to what we are sending out.

We want to experience enjoyment?
Let’s share sweet fruits ourselves.

We want comfort?
Let’s be a warm person for others first.

We want abundance?
Let’s start with including all in our current wealth.

We want to feel love?
Let us be kind to all of us at start.

We want to receive happiness?
Let’s check if we are the good vibe ourselves.

We want to be included?
We must begin with including all of us: also the uncomfortable parts.

Energy never lies: subconsciously we are transmitting all that is inside. And this becomes visible in our outside world.

Even the undesired ones.

Don’t forget them: the universe does’t care if you like it or not: energy is neutral!

If we don’t include insecurity on a conscious level and when we let it swirl around in our subconscious,
the world reflects reasons why we should feel insecure: it wants us to be aware.

If we look away for anger,
the world reflects reasons why we should feel angry.

If we look away for our guilt,
the world reflects reasons why we should feel guilty.

If we look away for undeserviness,
the world will refect reasons why we should feel like that.

Let’s expand ans Include our inner feelings:
whatever is there, and the outer world includes all of us!

Ones we regard all of it as a part of ourselves,
once we stop projecting it on others and take responsibility for all that we are sending out (and so creating),
there is no need for externalisation anymore.

The world will reflect wholeness!

Let’s go there❤️

Marissa Klouwer

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