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”What a special experience, last Tuesday! I read many enthusiastic reactions, but I never expected that I would experience a session like this. I was really dazed by it for a few days and needed some time to give it a proper place.  I feel calmer, stronger and lighter. During the ession I felt my head getting closer to my heart, as if they became more ‘one’. So beautiful!”

”‘Over the span of one full moon, I came to know Marissa as a true beacon of light…✨ with a profound subtleness and gentleness, yet powerfull as a lasersharp knife, she relentelessly cuts through all what no longer serves you. Going to the very root!! Not stopping until all is removed!
Whilst at the same time really seeing you FULLY, and empowering your innate gifts, from a place of humility and abundant Joy. The effects of her work will echo long after you’ve been in touch with her. I am forever thankful she appeared om my path so seemingly out of nowhere, what a gift from above!” Liefs Azucena 


”Wow. It was bizarre. So much came up, and I felt so many things. I still can’t fully put it into words. It’s just something you have to experience. Long story short, since the session, I’ve continued to see Marissa, and my life has completely changed. I feel lighter, like I’m constantly in some kind of flow, and my business has multiplied its revenue tenfold in 10 months.




The most powerful aspect of the retreat were the healing sessions, in the group as well as individual. I got home with a newfound belief in the Universe and in myself, I left behind quite a few old blocks and patterns. I feel lighter and am able to take (big) decisions with ease, which benefits my overall well-being as well as my business.


With the subtilty of a feather, she has approached my emotional body, transformed the body parts that maintained a sense of non-unity, and left without a trace of any of her own esoteric energy. Cleasing and healing, with their subtle needed strengths to attain the deepest pains with no arm, no sorrow, but a sense of peace and re-engagement, are the master capabilities she offered, without ego, in full respect and love. Her understanding of the body, mind and soul interconnection is more profound than the words you might read or hear anywhere. It is a sense of knowledge that was given to her as she is able to respectfully apply the knowing from her own spiritual body, according to the universal laws of love and light. – Bruno


Goedemorgen lieve Marissa, ben vandaag zoooooooo rustig wakker geworden 😱, voel echt een rust in mezelf die ik al sinds het begin van deze rechterlijke procedure niet meer heb gevoeld. Ik voel echt een shift, echt een rust die van binnen uit komt. Zo bizar!!!! Ik ben enorm dankbaar en wil je nogmaals heeeeeeeeel erg bedanken dat je hiervoor de tijd hebt genomen en mij een beetje gepusht hebt om dit te doen. Dankjewel. Ik ga lekker sporten en dit door laten werken. Dankjewel uit de bodem van mijn hart 💙💙💙💙💙 ik voel dat er iets uit is wat niet van mij was. Dankjewel 🥺

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