Marissa Klouwer

'The secrets of life are found in the heart: and when we reconnect with our soul- the soul will tell you all about it''

Hi there- wonderful being, don’t give up now|

It’s in the loss of external beauty
That you get the opportunity to remember your inner jewels

It’s the painful feeling of rejection
That makes you want to recall upon the forgotten Self

It’s the company of darkness
That makes you move in the direction of the light

It’s in the experience of loneliness
That you might find the treasures of perminant company

It’s in the tearing apart of the whole being
That you will be able to get acces to old, wandering wounds|

It’s in the terrifying times filled with tears
That you learn how to embody the magic of surrender

It’s the feeling of separation
That triggers you to be the wholeness

It’s in the broken masculine
That the holy feminine can own her worthiness

And it’s in the scattered feminine
That the sacred masculine can rise

It’s in the smashed pieces
We can recollect ourselves fully

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”When I meet Marissa, the most extraordinary things happen.”

”That higher frequency stayed with me for a long time, gave me a sense of space in my own being and simply made me more happy.”

”Jouw healing heeft mijn leven op z’n kop gezet, maar in a good way. ”

”As energy transfers even without deliberate effort, simply being around Marissa with her high frequency, will activate you and open your heart as well as deepen your own connection.”

”En ik voel een grote lichtheid binnenin me, daar is echt iets weg wat grote invloed had op mijn gevoelsleven. ”

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