choose for an alchemical transformation of your shame, guilt, fear, scarcity, insecurity & doubts into the opposite.

The blender of physical, mental, emotional and spiritual components of human beings. Using spiritual, scientific & natural laws to restore the vibrations of the human body to its natural and original frequency.

”When I meet Marissa, the most extraordinary things happen.”

”That higher frequency stayed with me for a long time, gave me a sense of space in my own being and simply made me more happy.”

”Jouw healing heeft mijn leven op z’n kop gezet, maar in a good way. ”

”As energy transfers even without deliberate effort, simply being around Marissa with her high frequency, will activate you and open your heart as well as deepen your own connection.”

”En ik voel een grote lichtheid binnenin me, daar is echt iets weg wat grote invloed had op mijn gevoelsleven. ”

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