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Dissecting the emotional construct of our physicality is at the crux of wholeness, success, healing and abundance.


When we experience obstacles on the path of health, love, success and peace, we’ll find out that it’s only  by touching the core of the problem that the problem ceases to exist . By  dealing with the symptons only, we attract the same energy over and over again unless we energetically  clear the causes. Without clearing the (emotional) essence & residues still lingering in the past, the soul cannot close the chapter and move on. This is why it is important to not skip any of the steps available to us! Only when we complete the issue from bottom up, we get a chance to raise our frequency and shift our energy by integrating every part of the experience that came to us.  As after all: all happens for a reason. And all experiences are here for our growth!  In such a completion process, we go through the motions, experience the deeper layers, review the past, face ourselves, open our heart for the light, take in powerful teachings & we eventually shift our energy and we rise in vibrations, leading to more happiness, power, wisdom, health, peace and success. 


Upgrade your energetic blueprint




Home – MSM 2021


The most powerful aspect of the retreat were the healing sessions, in the group as well as individual. I got home with a newfound belief in the Universe and in myself, I left behind quite a few old blocks and patterns. I feel lighter and am able to take (big) decisions with ease, which benefits my overall well-being as well as my business.


With the subtilty of a feather, she has approached my emotional body, transformed the body parts that maintained a sense of non-unity, and left without a trace of any of her own esoteric energy. Cleasing and healing, with their subtle needed strengths to attain the deepest pains with no arm, no sorrow, but a sense of peace and re-engagement, are the master capabilities she offered, without ego, in full respect and love. Her understanding of the body, mind and soul interconnection is more profound than the words you might read or hear anywhere. It is a sense of knowledge that was given to her as she is able to respectfully apply the knowing from her own spiritual body, according to the universal laws of love and light. – Bruno


When I came to Marissa I’ve had already suffered 3,5 years of insomnia, anxiety and depression. I had been to five different people before to help me and finally when I got treatment from Marissa — the sleep got better. Also all my other issues are getting better. I feel more energy and can be more social. Overall, these are the most effective sessions I have had. I get the impression that Marissa is able to pinpoint the route of problems and transform it into healing. After so long time without proper sleep and constant anxiety, I feel that finally things fall into place. Thank you Marissa 

Are you stuck in a pattern? 

Do limiting emotions keep returning over and over again?

Do your relationships keep on playing the same outcome?

Do you have a business that doesn’t seem to grow?

Until there is a vibrational shift- it’s the past that creates the future. The environment might change – but the active vibrational pattern just makes sure the story repeats. It takes an upgrade on energetic level to create, attract and experience a new game – a new reality. Change the foundational energy with love- love the changing fundamental story.

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