Marissa Klouwer




From professional dancer, choreographer & personal trainer to entrepreneur, concept creator, founder of foundation & brand ambassador: Marissa’s suitcase of the past knows many colours. After she studied Psychology & Cultural Anthropology at the VU Amsterdam, the art of energy called in and this opened pathways to ancient knowledge she happily applied to modern audience. With techniques from the heart, she has been teaching, hosting retreats, sessions & coaching  ever since.


 ​It is often said that Marissa is the ‘Ayahuasca, but without the drink’. No talk, only results. As a coach & energy healer of many celebrities & big names in the coaching world,  Marissa knows how to get you to next level smoothly.  In the most joyful, light-hearted & efficient way she will take you into the dark depths, and together you will let go of those blockages around success, growth, impact & money easily.



How does Marissa work?

She highly believes in personal attention: we all are unique and have a different story. Actually, our
story is what makes us unique. And this story is energetically stored inside our bodies. Some chapters are being passed on from our ancestors, some are picked up by our parents, some are inborn, some are chosen and some are created by the environment we spend most time with. Sometimes we
experience happy chapters – sometimes super challenging ones. Marissa comes in there. By using her gifts of
being able to see, read, hear and feel energy, it’s easy for her to get access to the root cause of the issue
of the challenging chapter at stake – and from there, she helps you to level up the disharmonized frequencies, that kept you stuck there. 


Marissa helps you to see that life is game that we can play from the inside out: once we change the inside, the outside will change along,

By going in a deep meditative state, we become extremely aware of the inner world. And we might even be able to change the outcome….. 

Guidance by physicalising the vast power of life 

Every challenge is an opportunity to expand your capacity for life. The question is not: how to create more beauty of life? The question is: how much can you handle? How big is your cup? In order to receive we first must create space. Challenges are perfect indicators of our self-limitations! Marissa is here to help you let go of all that doesn’t serve anymore so you can receive life again: abundant & over-flowing!