Marissa Klouwer




Marissa Klouwer is a seasoned practitioner in karmic healing, with a deep understanding forged through personal experiences and profound self-healing. Her own transformative journey led her to explore the root causes of karmic patterns, unlocking insights that now empower others on their paths to healing. With compassion and expertise, Marissa guides individuals through inner exploration, helping them liberate themselves from limiting patterns and embark on profound personal transformations. Her commitment to ongoing growth and learning ensures that she provides transformative healing experiences for those seeking to address and resolve their karmic influences

In addition to her expertise in karmic healing, Marissa Klouwer possesses a diverse range of experiences that contribute to her holistic approach to personal transformation. As a seasoned facilitator, she has successfully led over eight transformative retreats, guiding participants towards profound self-discovery and empowerment.

Marissa’s entrepreneurial spirit and creative vision have also led her to create multiple successful brands, showcasing her ability to bring innovative ideas to life and make a positive impact in various industries. Her entrepreneurial journey has given her a deep understanding of the challenges and rewards of building and nurturing businesses.

Furthermore, Marissa’s adventurous spirit has taken her to new heights—literally. She has climbed iconic mountains, including the formidable Kilimanjaro, embodying the principles of resilience, determination, and personal growth that she instills in her work.

Combining her expertise in karmic healing, her entrepreneurial achievements, and her adventurous spirit, Marissa brings a unique and multi-faceted perspective to her transformative work. Her diverse experiences and unwavering commitment to personal growth allow her to support individuals in their journeys towards self-discovery, empowerment, and lasting change.





Guidance by physicalising the vast power of life 

Marissa invites you to explore life as a playful game, where the key lies in mastering the inner realm. By diving deep into meditative states, we unlock a heightened sense of awareness, revealing the extraordinary power to shape our external world.